Building a Platform

What is a writer’s platform? Sitting here typing, my gut instinct is to say it feels like I’m standing on the gallows, noose around my neck, being asked to come up with last words that will  someday be immortalized on plaques or in songs. That’s what building a writer’s platform feels like to me.

It’s actually the expectation, in this new digital age, that writers can build fans before they build books or novels, thus making it easier on publishing houses to decide whether or not to buy your work.  It doesn’t even begin there–that’s the end. Agents have to know people like your writing, too, or they’re not interested. It’s overwhelming. It’s another notch in the noose.

Readers are great people. Some of them become great writers. But heavy readers are often socially awkward, which means most writers are socially awkward, too. Oh, I can shake hands and make nice with anyone. But I don’t necessarily want to.

The author’s platform means I have to. I have to engage everyone, even people I can’t see. I have to basically stalk strangers on the internet, endearing myself to them through quips and witty one-liners, exposing my soul, and even worse, my stories, which sometimes seem like they run deeper than my soul.

So, this blog is me whoring myself out. Not because I think I’ll ever be a great writer, but because I think I have great stories to tell. I might feel a little choked by it all, but my stories don’t. My characters are loud and proud; some of them are mean and vile and duplicitous. They want to be heard. They want to be felt. They can slip the noose.

Before I begin my whoring (I promise I’m clean), let me take the time to thank everyone that I will steer to this site in the hopes of getting my “numbers” to acceptable levels. I hope we can all share ideas, and I hope that we can all share in my dream.  We can all be friends, even if some of you know more than me.

Most of all, understand that I’m new to this. So, if you see me choking, cut me some slack.


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2 Responses to Building a Platform

  1. Teepee12 says:

    It’s not as bad as you think. It’s actually fun and surprisingly interactive. The publishing world … well … it ain’t what it was. Neither is anything else. But oddly, blogging can be surprisingly rewarding. Promise.

    • It gave me a great outlet for an idea I have that will never fit into any of my books. Sometimes a writer just needs to be silly. Checkout Bobthefalconeer. It’s a far cry from what I find myself writing daily, and I’ve found I need it.

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